BRADLEY INC is the go-to videocentric media group that specialises in all things video for businesses worldwide. We focus on four core areas in the world of motion content; creation, production, distribution and monetisation and are trusted by brands globally. The organisation comprises of companies, brands, products and services that combine to deliver a unique mix of creative and commercial skills. This is all underpinned by our own technology, intellectual property and in-house expertise which gives rise to the tagline: EVERYTHING VIDEO.

The group was founded in 2007 by Nick Bradley, a former Ad-Man and Board Director at Chrysalis PLC. As CEO, he is putting his 25 years international commercial experience in creative, content and technology to good use. His forte is merging world class ideas with disruptive business models and getting them to market. When called upon he still directs films and commercials for a few of the high profile projects at BRADLEY.TV

The focus became videocentric in 2008 when he was joined by Paul Hodgson who had spent over a decade as Executive Director of BBC Worldwide. Prior to this he worked for ITV and Carlton Television. Paul is now our COO and responsible for the day-to-day running of the group. He is also an experienced Producer and has a deep understanding of content and commerce at a global level.

Our current Leeds UK Headquarters were opened in May 2009 and we have grown exponentially ever since. In 2010 we opened our first TV studio followed by two more in 2012 plus a satellite office in London. We have invested millions of pounds into equipment purchase, research and development and the recruiting key members of staff. As a result of the success of our VIDEOCLOUD.COM platform, specifically the world first VIDEOTXT invention, we created an in-house web development team to sit alongside our production, post-production, sales, marketing, PR and graphics departments.

BRADLEY INC continues to expand, innovate and lead the way in the wonderful world of video. We remain true to our core principles keeping our operation creative, agile and cost effective. We have lots of exciting new developments right around the corner. CONTACT us today if you are interested in joining, partnering or investing. Stay in the loop by subscribing to our VIDEONEWSLETTER.